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Cancer Alternative Remedies


Removing Obstacles to Healing


This topic about "Removing Obstacles to Healing" is not originally by me.  It comes from various individuals from all over the world who have written to me.  And when a good number of them were saying similar things I realized this is a Subject that needs to be passed on because it seems to be the answer to the question

"Can I Get Total Healing?"

Many people reach a point or limit in their healing.  If you get healing but it does not continue to the cure - that means there is/are obstacles. 
The point is this - when the Blockages to Healing are resolved, you will get cured  ! !!!
To Make this short, people have reported ways and I have listed 3 below:
1.) Sacred Heart Yoga - is a book by V. Ellen.  She says that she is a channeler
  ( a channeler is a psychic able to get messages from the spirit world) for Jesus Christ.
  This practice is Yoga.  This is only good if you are into yoga or intend to do the practice.
2.)  Remarkable Healings - again this is a book by psychiatrist S. Modi.  Her method
involves access to one's inner soul and that is through hypnotism.  Once under hypnotism, the subject gets into a deeper state and under the direction of Ms. Modi,
she is able to connect with the person's soul.
Modi has  trained people using her techniques and if you can't get her, find her trained people.
Not everyone can be hypnotized - do keep this in mind.
Also, Modi and her healers are only found in a few locations.
3.)  Practices and Methods by Dr.  Zhi Gang Sha.   Sha is a healer and his methods are healing illnesses - all kinds of illness not just cancer.
This is the most popular of the 3.  Already more than 31 cured & 8 are almost total healings - most responders are from N. America, Europe & Australia & I got replies from Spain, Egypt, Brazil, Philippines, Turkey, Taiwan & Panama.  Some got cured with Oriel Herbal Blend.  Those who had limited healing  commented that when they did Dr. Sha's practices, the medicines worked better until they got total healing !! 
  Dr. Z. G. Sha has many books - do read the ones that were written from 2003 and after.
 Sha says that his methods & knowledge - the real source is  the Divine (God). 
 This is the techniques or methods that I tried and apply for myself.   I can say more here because it is from my experience.
The only way to find out if a method works is to try it yourself.
Healer Sha wrote the same thing in  his book - quote "  You will know if the pear is sweet by tasting it"   so do try his methods and find out for yourself just like I did.
REmember, you don't need belief to get healing, just do it!
Master Sha has written several books - I recommend reading "Power of Soul" and "Divine Soul Songs" to start.
For those of you who want more info on Master healer Sha, you may go to and look him and his books.  Amazon has a part where people write REVIEWS with ratings, experiences, comments on this books.
For example the "Power of Soul" book, more than a hundred customers have written their  comments - view them.
QUESTION about Sha's methods: What if your condition is heavy, meaning your state is such that for some reason, you need more than practice to get total healing. 
Well, then go for bigger help from him - Karma cleansing.
REad his books to  know more.

If you believe that God wants us to be Good, then you will not be surprised that Sha teaches Compassion, Forgiveness, Good works and Kindness.   If you do not think in a similar manner, this is not for you!

Also, I have a friend Rob with health problems but he is lazy to do the practices, so being Lazy will simply not work.




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